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Windows Remote Control

In order to handle Windows Media Center with a remote control, an alternate Windows Media Center remote is necessary.

In case your personal computer lacks TV tuner, an alternative analog or digital TV tuner is needed to play as well as record the screen in WMC.

You will discover a variety of brands aavailable on the market of the Windows Media Center remote control with a number of features. The remote control may be purchased with the Windows Media Center PC you have bought or it can also be acquired at retail locations.

You will additionally need to have a transceiver or infrared receiver (IR) for the Windows Media Center remote device to function effectively. Sometimes it is IR (that is generally linked by a USB wire to the PC), or maybe it can also be non-IR items like Bluetooth or Radio Frequency. This recipient can be built-in or external to the personal computer. Make sure you check with the equipment documentation to evaluate which type of the receiver is necessary.

You should use a remote control to perform numerous actions in Windows Media Center. The following is an example of activities you can carry out:

  • Watch, record, control TV (with tuner present in the computer)
  • Control, play, and rip music
  • Create, play, and control slide shows of your pictures
  • Access online partners for an expanded experience to include games, additional music, and other software products.
  • Navigate using text

With the remote control it is possible to traverse over data using the digits keys on the remote device to search for displays, along with other information.